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Additional resources

This directory includes a set of scripts which may make the developer's life much easier. Currently, it includes the following scripts:

  • Shell script which drops all the databases of certain MongoDB instance whose names start with the provided prefix. To run it just execute: sh database_prefix, and all the databases of the local running MongoDB instance will be dropped.
  • performanceTestCheck.js: Mongo shell script which checks the result of a notification performance test run against certain STH instance. For further information about the performance tests, please visit the Performance tests section of the repository. To run the helper function, just start the MongoDB shell (mongo), load the script (load('performanceTestCheck.js')) and execute: assertEntriesPerCollection(expectedEntriesPerCollection). Obviously, the entriesPerCollection number will depend on the parameters passed to the performance test run.
  • Script to prune the raw samples collection. It allows to reduce the number of samples associated to each entity-attribute to the most recent N ones, deleting the rest. It also allow to set expiration limit. In addition, it can create indexes recommended according documentation. Run -u for usage options. It requires Pymongo 3.0.3 (newer version may work but I didn't tested).
  • sample script that shows how to run in all dbs and collections.


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