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Blood rules examples

All the files in this directory prefixed by blood_ are part of the same familiy of examples, described in this section.

To run the examples, config.env has to be modified to point to perseo and orion machines at your installation.

The examples use an entity with id “bloodm1”, of type “BloodMeter” and with an attribute “BloodPressure”. will subscribe perseo (CEP) to Orion (Content Broker) for changes on “bloodPressure” for entities of type “BloodMeter” will update the value of the attribute BloodPressure of “bloodm1” (with the value passed as first argument). If the value changes, it will cause a ‘notify' from Context Broker (Orion) to CEP (perseo)

Examples of rules are

blood_rule_email.json: if the blood pressure is greater than 1.5, send an email

blood_rule_email_metadata.json: if the blood pressure metadata named crs with system field is "WGS84", send an email

blood_rule_sms.json: if the blood pressure is greater than 1.5, send a sms

blood_rule_twitter.json: if the blood pressure is greater than 1.5, publish in Twitter

blood_rule_update.json: if the blood pressure is greater than 1.5, update the attribute ’abnornal’ to ‘true’ in the entity

blood_rule_update_mirror.json: similar to previous rule, but updating an entity with different id

blood_rule_post.json: if the blood pressure is greater than 1.5, publish on a given REST service

blood_rule_complex.json: send an complex event with stats (average, total, stddev) of the last three blood pressure measures

Rules can be added to CEP using its REST API

curl localhost:9090/rules/ -H "content-type: application/json" -d @blood_rule_update.json

Or deleted

curl localhost:9090/rules/blood_rule_update -X DELETE

With one or more rules working at CEP, you can update the value of the blood pressure with

./ 1

And every time we provide a new value, the CEP will be notified (the subscription was of type ONCHANGE)

./ 2

The “anatomy” of a rule is as follows

   "text":"select *,\"blood_rule_update\" as ruleName from pattern [every ev=iotEvent(cast(cast(BloodPressure?,String),float)>1.5 and type=\"BloodMeter\")]",

The text is the EPL sentence and it has to honor certain constraints in order to work with the event treatment at perseo/perseo-core. (In bold, 'constants' and in cursive, values that must match ‘external’ values)

select * , "blood_rule_update" as ruleName, ev.BloodPressure? as Pression, as Meter from pattern [every ev= iotEvent(cast(cast(BloodPressure?,String),float)>1.5 and type="BloodMeter”)]

  • The rule name must be present with ruleName alias. It must be equal to ‘name’ field of the rule object
  • The ‘from' pattern must name the event as ev and the event stream from which take events must be iotEvent
  • A type= condition must be concatenated for avoiding mixing different kinds of entities

The measure must be cast to float in case of being numeric (like in the example) (‘Double’ cast to string and to float is something we are analyzing, and could be unnecessary in a future version. Use it now). All the attributes in the notification from Orion are available in the event object, ev, like ev.BlodPressure? and A question mark is necessary for EPL referring ‘dynamic’ values.

The example shows two additional alias that can be used in the action of the rule. This action will cause to update the attribute ‘abnormal’ of the entity to ‘true’ ( displays the values of the entity and sets the ‘abnormal’ attribute to ‘false’, undoing the action of this rule for example)

The rule for sending an email is

   "text":"select *,\"blood_rule_email\" as ruleName, *,ev.BloodPressure? as Pressure, as Meter from pattern [every ev=iotEvent(cast(cast(BloodPressure?,String),float)>1.5 and type=\"BloodMeter\")]",
      "template":"Meter ${Meter} has pressure ${Pressure} (GEN RULE)",

In this case, the action can use the ‘aliased’ values in the template for the email body

The actions currently available are

  • Send an email, with a template for the body
  • Send an SMS, with a template for the body
  • Update the entity which fired the rule, setting an attribute to a value
  • Make a generic HTTP POST to an URL set as an action parameter

Other examples

  • rule_delta.json, rule using previousValue metadata to calculate deltas in attribute values
  • rule_distance.json, rule which triggers if the distance to a given point is closer to a given value
  • rule_time.json, rule based on time using the __ts timestamp
  • timewindow_send_alert_if_2.json, rule to send an email when two or more different entities has reported an alert status within 60sec time window
  • timewindow_threeshold_if_2.json, rule to update an alert attribute of a given entity when its value attibute is greater than 10 at least twice in a 60sec time window

More info

Detailed information about EPL

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