statsd middleware for Telegraf
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statsd middleware for Telegraf

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statsd middleware for Telegraf (Telegram bot framework).


$ npm install telegraf-statsd


const Telegraf = require('telegraf')
const stats = require('telegraf-statsd')

const telegraf = new Telegraf(process.env.BOT_TOKEN)


telegraf.on('text', (ctx) => {
  return ctx.reply('Big brother watch you!')




  • host - optional statsd host
  • port - optional statsd port
  • prefix - optional statsd prefix ('.' is appended)
  • tcp - use TCP instead of UDP

User context

Telegraf user context props and functions:

app.use((ctx) => {
  ctx.statsd  // Statsy instance

Statsy help


Metric name Type Description
counter counter bot updates counter
<type>.count counter update type counter (message, inlineQuery, etc.)
message.<subtype>.count counter message subtype counter(text, sticker, etc.)
errors.count counter error counter
errors.<type>.count counter update type error counter
errors.message.<subtype>.count counter message subtype error counter
duration timer handler duration
<type>.duration timer update type handler duration
message.<subtype>.duration timer message subtype handler duration
chats set chats set
users set users set
text.size histogram text messages length