Example Rails 5 Telegram bot app
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Example telegram bot app

This app uses telegram-bot gem. Want to see the bot code first?

Explore separate commits to check evolution of code.

Want a clean setup instead? Here is app teamplate to help you.


  • /start - Greeting.
  • /help
  • /memo %text% - Saves text to session.
  • /remind_me - Replies with text from session.
  • /keyboard - Simple keyboard.
  • /inline_keyboard - Inline keyboard example.
  • Inline queries. Enable it in @BotFather, and your're ready to try 'em.
  • /last_chosen_inline_result - Your last chosen inline result (Enable feedback with sending /setinlinefeedback to @BotFather).


  • Create bot with @BotFather unless has_test_bot?
  • Clone repo.
  • run ./bin/setup.
  • Update config/secrets.yml with your bot's token.



bin/rake telegram:bot:poller


One way is just to run poller. You don't need anything else, just check your production secrets & configs. But there is better way: use webhooks.

You may want to use different token: after you setup the webhook, you need to unset it to run development poller again.

First you need to setup the webhook. There is rake task for it, but you're free to set it manually with API call. To use rake task you need to set host in routes.default_url_options for production environment (config.routes for Rails < 5). There is already such line in the repo in production.rb. Uncomment it, change the values, and you're ready for:

bin/rake telegram:bot:set_webhook RAILS_ENV=production

Now deploy your app in any way you like. You don't need run anything special for bot, but rails server as usual. Your rails app will receive webhooks and bypass them to bot's controller.




Async mode

  • Uncomment async: true in secrets.yml.
  • Run and check the logs out.
  • More info about async mode.


  • Get token at botan.io.
  • Uncomment botan section in secrets.yml and update token.
  • Run.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/telegram-bot-rb/telegram_bot_app.