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Keyboard Shortcuts

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In-Chat Navigation

Suggested Stickers Navigation

Suggested Emojis Navigation
Move to the Chat Below Ctrl + Tab
Ctrl + PageDown
Alt + ↓
Move to the Chat Above Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Ctrl + PageUp
Alt + ↑
Go Back
Cancel Current Action
Send File Ctrl + O
Reply to a Message Ctrl + ↑
Ctrl + ↓
Cancel Reply Ctrl + ↓
Edit Last Message Sent
Delete Currently Selected Message Delete
Edit Media Ctrl + E
Send GIF Directly Ctrl + Click GIF
Open Bot Profile via Inline Message Ctrl + Click Name
Search Selected Chat Ctrl + F
Exit Search Esc
QuickShare Panel
Select Chat Enter
Remove Chat Backspace
Send message Ctrl + Enter
Jump to
Bottom of Chat
Scroll Chat List to Top
Alt + Enter
Saved Messages Ctrl + 0
Pinned Chats Ctrl + 1
Ctrl + 2
Ctrl + 3
Ctrl + 4
Ctrl + 5
Window Related
Minimize to System Tray Ctrl + W
Alt + F4
Quit Telegram Ctrl + Q
Lock Telegram Ctrl + L
Minimize Telegram Ctrl + M
Selected Text
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Create Link Ctrl + K
Underline Ctrl + U
Monospace Ctrl + Shift + M
Null / Plain Text Ctrl + Shift + N
Strikethrough Ctrl + Shift + X
Mouse Shortcuts
Reply Double click the message
Select Messages Drag outside the messages
Info about Messages Hover the timestamp
Amount of Votes in Poll Hover percentage
Forward a message to a chat Drag the message to a chat in the list
Exit Archived Chats Back
Send Message Silently Right Click on Send Button
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