A jQuery plugin for sorting a list of addresses using HTML5 GeoLocation.


HTML5 GeoLocation jQuery Plugin

* See plugin's comments for more information.

* Simple demo at http://2010.incontrolconference.com/eats/

* Austin, TX Coffeeshop demo at http://atxwebshow.com/coffeeshops/

* For UK readers, try this demo: http://2010.incontrolconference.com/eats/uk.html

* Some tips to get up and running:

- To get plugin to work on YOUR own site, you will need to get a Google Maps API registered to your domain: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html
- Use Microformats' hCard for addresses
- If possible, use longitude and latitude within hCard for quicker response times

Thanks for your interest in this plugin! 

Christopher Schmitt