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Adobe Illustrator Artboards for Responsive Web Design Development
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Desktop Responsive Design
iPhone iPad Web Design

Responsive Web Design Artboards

Use these Adobe Illustrator files when creating different layouts for Responsive Web Design


  • Desktop Responsive Design

    • Contains four artboards for "desktop" browsing:

      • Desktop 800x600 -> 778x400
      • Desktop 1024x768 -> 1002x658
      • Desktop 1280x800 -> 1258x760
      • Desktop 1680x1050 -> 1418x700
  • iPhone iPad Web Design

    • Contains four artboards for "desktop" browsing:

      • iPad Landscape -> 1024×768
      • iPad Portrait -> 768x1024
      • iPhone (Retina) Landscape -> 640x960
      • iPhone (Retina) Portrait -> 960x640
      • iPhone Landscape -> 320x480
      • iPhone Portrait -> 480x320


Feel free to download, submit your own artboards for inclusion into the set.

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