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This is a fork of

Kea provides DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers, a dynamic DNS update module, a portable DHCP library, libdhcp++, a control agent that provides a management REST interface, a NETCONF agent that provides a YANG/NETCONF interface for Kea, and a DHCP benchmarking tool, perfdhcp.

Kea is developed by Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

The developers' website is at

Limitations, known issues, and feature requests can be found at

If you are thinking about contributing a patch, please read the Contributor's Guide first. Participants in this project implicitly agree to abide by the project's Code of Conduct.

The Kea mailing lists are available via


Copyright (C) 2009-2020 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. ("ISC") Copyright (c) 2020 Deutsche Telekom AG.

The files in this project are available under one of two licenses, each file states it's license in the file header:

  • New files by Deutsche Telekom are licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.
  • Unmodified original kea files are licensed udner the MPL-2.0 license.
  • Any file without file header is available under the terms of the MPL-2.0 license.

View LICENSE for more information on the licensing.