The Open Source Compliance Advisor is the interactive version of the OSLiC for enabling its requestors to use open source software compliantly.
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OSCAd (filename or packagename is oscad) be metonymic with [Telekom]
(O)pen (S)ource (C)compliance (Ad)visor. OSCAd is the interactive version
of OSLiC, the open source license Compendium and shall interactively specify
how to to use open source Software compliantly. Particularly it shall ...

(a) support open source users to act according to the open source license
requirements without having to become license experts themselves

(b) offer strongly reliable and quickly accessible instructions (to-do lists)
how to fulfill the conditions of an open source license

The OSCAd is a web based html frontend combined with a php backend which
delivers use case and license specific to-do lists whose execution would
fulfill license and use case specific requirements.

(c) K. Reincke, Deutsche Telekom AG, Darmstadt 2013

(I) The (backend of the) Open Source Compliance Advisor is licensed under the 
GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) which is "[...] specifically 
designed to ensure cooperation with the community in the case of 
network server software". So, in short:

Feel free to share (to copy, distribute and transmit) or to modify (to adapt) 
the software provided you are going to hand your (modified) sources over to 
anyone who requests for the code - even if he is only interacting with it 
remotely through a computer network.

Your full rights and obligations are defined by the AGPL 3.0.

(II) The frontends are spcificly licensed: see the files LICENSING of
the specific frontedn directories