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OSLiC (filename or packagename is oslic) be metonymic with
[Telekom] (O)pen (S)ource (Li)cense (C)ompendium. The Open
Source License Compendium shall reliably specify how to to
use Open Source Software in a regular manner. Particularly
it shall ...

(a) support Open Source users to act according to the Open
Source License requirements without having to become license
experts themselves

(b) offer strongly reliable and quickly accessible instructions 
(to-do lists) how to fulfill a touched Open Source license

(c)consolidate reliable background knowledge by gathering and
verifying information from the net and from libraries

The OSLiC is a set of LaTeX files, BibTex files, and Makefiles
by which this compendium can be compiled as PDF file. The
OSLiC is published under CC BY-SA 3.0 Germany: 

(c) K. Reincke, Deutsche Telekom AG, Darmstadt 2012 ...