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package lassie
import (
// Application represents an application.
type Application struct {
EUI string `json:"applicationEUI"`
Tags map[string]string `json:"tags"`
// CreateApplication creates an application.
func (c *Client) CreateApplication(app Application) (Application, error) {
err := c.create("/applications", &app)
return app, err
// UpdateApplication updates an application.
func (c *Client) UpdateApplication(app Application) (Application, error) {
err := c.update("/applications/"+app.EUI, &app)
return app, err
// Applications gets all applications.
func (c *Client) Applications() ([]Application, error) {
var apps struct {
Apps []Application `json:"applications"`
err := c.get("/applications", &apps)
return apps.Apps, err
// Application gets an application.
func (c *Client) Application(eui string) (Application, error) {
var app Application
err := c.get("/applications/"+eui, &app)
return app, err
// DeleteApplication deletes an application.
func (c *Client) DeleteApplication(eui string) error {
return c.delete("/applications/" + eui)
// ApplicationStream calls handler in its own goroutine for each device message received.
// It blocks until an error occurs, including EOF when the connection is closed.
func (c *Client) ApplicationStream(appeui string, handler func(DeviceData)) error {
url, err := url.Parse(c.addr)
if err != nil {
return err
scheme := "wss"
if url.Scheme == "http" {
scheme = "ws"
wscfg, err := websocket.NewConfig(fmt.Sprintf("%s://%s/applications/%s/stream", scheme, url.Host, appeui), "")
if err != nil {
return err
wscfg.Header.Set("X-API-Token", c.token)
ws, err := websocket.DialConfig(wscfg)
if err != nil {
return err
defer ws.Close()
for {
var msg struct {
Type string `json:"type"`
Error string `json:"message"`
Data DeviceData `json:"data"`
err := websocket.JSON.Receive(ws, &msg)
if err != nil {
return err
switch msg.Type {
case "Error":
return fmt.Errorf(msg.Error)
case "DeviceData":
msg.Data.Data, _ = hex.DecodeString(msg.Data.HexData)
go handler(msg.Data)
// Ignore it
// DeviceData represents data received from a device.
type DeviceData struct {
DeviceEUI string `json:"deviceEUI"`
DeviceAddress string `json:"devAddr"`
GatewayEUI string `json:"gatewayEUI"`
ApplicationEUI string `json:"appEUI"`
Timestamp int64 `json:"timestamp"`
HexData string `json:"data"`
Data []byte
Frequency float32 `json:"frequency"`
DataRate string `json:"dataRate"`
RSSI int32 `json:"rssi"`
SNR float32 `json:"snr"`