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package lassie
import "fmt"
// Gateway represents a gateway
type Gateway struct {
EUI string `json:"gatewayEUI"`
IP string `json:"ip"`
StrictIP bool `json:"strictIP"`
Latitude float64 `json:"latitude"`
Longitude float64 `json:"longitude"`
Altitude float64 `json:"altitude"`
Tags map[string]string `json:"tags"`
// CreateGateway creates a new gateway
func (c *Client) CreateGateway(gw Gateway) (Gateway, error) {
err := c.create("/gateways", &gw)
return gw, err
// Gateway retrieves a gateway
func (c *Client) Gateway(eui string) (Gateway, error) {
var gw Gateway
err := c.get(fmt.Sprintf("/gateways/%s", eui), &gw)
return gw, err
// DeleteGateway removes a gateway
func (c *Client) DeleteGateway(eui string) error {
return c.delete(fmt.Sprintf("/gateways/%s", eui))
// UpdateGateway updates the gateway
func (c *Client) UpdateGateway(gw Gateway) (Gateway, error) {
err := c.update(fmt.Sprintf("/gateways/%s", gw.EUI), &gw)
return gw, err