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Millom APIs

This repo hosts the APIs specifications for working with Telenor's Millom platform. Millom is middleware exposing telco capabilities to third party Internet channels. Millom's APIs allow authorized clients to retrieve current subscription balance, a list of relevant offers, and activating one of the provided offers.

Millom as middleware

Notifications can also be sent to service providers on events in the telco stack, e.g. when user is about to run out of data or a purchase has been activated.


All API requests to Millom must be authenticated with OAuth 2.0 client credentials access token. The access token should be cached and reused until (almost) expiry. Contact Millom for agreements and credentials.

Authorization example

Millom's APIs will generally reference end-user by two keys, the idValue and idType.

idType idValue Description
MSISDN 475551234 The users mobile number, on full E.164 form including country code
CPID abcd1234 An anonymized token (a base 64 coded string) representing the user


Millom's downstream APIs connect to MNO's digital sales backend to retrieve and update status, offer and purchase information. Millom's upstream APIs connect to Service Providers and expose status, offers and purchase flow to end-customers. In addition Millom provides a set of Managements API's that allow MNOs to look-up purchase status, customer insight analytics, etc.

Exposing info to end-users Connecting and updating MNO's subscriber info Service Management
Upsell API
Rich notification-based Upsell API
End-user Account integration Purchase look-up (TBA)
Generate CPID Notification API Data Feedback Loop (TBA)
Purchase callback API Settlements Reports (TBA)


The Millom Sandbox provides a smooth and fast introduction to the Millom upstream API. It includes a Postman collection with samples of the flows specified in the Millom upstream API. The collection utilises one of our backends, which is running the same code as our Millom Production services, but with mocked MNO responses.

Note that authentication is disabled on the Sandbox API (for simplicity), but production access requires OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials.

Get the Documentation

The Sandbox documentation is available here: Millom Sandbox Collection

Get the Postman collection

You might want to create a new Postman Workspace to be used for this import before you hit the button.

Run in Postman

Please 'view documentation' in this Postman collection for more information and details.


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