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NBIoT-CSharp provides a C# client for the REST API for Telenor NB-IoT.


The configuration file is located at ${HOME}/.telenor-nbiot. The file is a simple list of key/value pairs. Additional values are ignored. Comments must start with a #:

# This is the URL of the Telenor NB-IoT REST API. The default value is
# and can usually be omitted.

# This is the API token. Create new token by logging in to the Telenor NB-IoT
# front-end at and create a new token there.
token=<your api token goes here>

The configuration file settings can be overridden by setting the environment variables TELENOR_NBIOT_ADDRESS and TELENOR_NBIOT_TOKEN. If you only use environment variables the configuration file can be ignored. Finally, there is a Client constructor that accepts the address and token directly.

Device Output

Support for receiving device-sent data via WebSockets is not yet implemented. We are open to recommendations for functioning cross-platform WebSocket libraries.