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(define-structure throw-window
(export throw-window-right
(open rep sawfish.wm)
(defun reduce (fn initial list)
(fn initial
(if (cdr list)
(reduce fn (car list) (cdr list))
(car list))))
(defun x-coord (pair) (car pair))
(defun y-coord (pair) (cdr pair))
(defun stops-for (coord far-edge)
(let* ((windows (managed-windows))
(pairs (mapcar
(lambda (w)
(let ((offset (coord (window-position w)))
(size (coord (window-frame-dimensions w))))
(list offset (+ offset size))))
(sort (filter (lambda (x) (<= x far-edge))
(uniquify-list (cons far-edge (apply append pairs))))
(defun horiz-stops (max-x) (stops-for #'x-coord max-x))
(defun vert-stops (max-y) (stops-for #'y-coord max-y))
(defun next-stop (stops current)
(if stops
(if (> (car stops) current)
(car stops)
(next-stop (cdr stops) current))))
(defun previous-stop (stops current)
(cond ((not (cadr stops)) (car stops))
((>= (cadr stops) current) (car stops))
(t (previous-stop (cdr stops) current))))
(defun previous-stop-for (fn point)
(let* ((value (fn point))
(stops (stops-for fn value)))
(previous-stop stops value)))
(defun find-far-edge (co-ord property-index)
(- (co-ord (current-head-dimensions))
(reduce + 0
(mapcar (lambda (w)
(let ((p (get-x-property w '_NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL))
(p1 (get-x-property w '_NET_WM_STRUT)))
(if (or p p1)
(aref (caddr (or p p1)) 3)
(defun find-bottom-edge () (find-far-edge y-coord 3))
(defun find-right-edge () (find-far-edge x-coord 1))
(defun do-move (w x y)
(let* ((mousexy (query-pointer))
(frame-offset (window-frame-offset w))
(windowxy (window-position w))
(offset (cons (+ (car frame-offset) (- (car mousexy) (car windowxy)))
(+ (cdr frame-offset) (- (cdr mousexy) (cdr windowxy))))))
(move-window-to w x y)
(warp-cursor-to-window w (car offset) (cdr offset))
(raise-window w)))
(defun throw-window-right (window)
(let* ((dim (window-frame-dimensions window))
(xy (window-position window))
(edge (- (find-right-edge) (x-coord dim)))
(stop (next-stop (stops-for #'x-coord edge) (x-coord xy))))
(do-move window stop (cdr xy))))
(defun throw-window-down (window)
(let* ((dim (window-frame-dimensions window))
(xy (window-position window))
(edge (- (find-bottom-edge) (y-coord dim)))
(stop (next-stop (stops-for #'y-coord edge) (y-coord xy))))
(do-move window (car xy) stop)))
(defun throw-window-left (window)
(let* ((xy (window-position window))
(new-x (previous-stop-for #'x-coord xy)))
(do-move window new-x (cdr xy))))
(defun throw-window-up (window)
(let* ((xy (window-position window))
(new-y (previous-stop-for #'y-coord xy)))
(do-move window (car xy) new-y)))
(define-command 'throw-focused-window-right throw-window-right #:spec "%f")
(define-command 'throw-focused-window-left throw-window-left #:spec "%f")
(define-command 'throw-focused-window-top throw-window-up #:spec "%f")
(define-command 'throw-focused-window-bottom throw-window-down #:spec "%f")
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