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Gemfile eh-upload.rb uploads compressed images
eh-upload.rb read private data from a config file (closes #4)
elastichosts-api.yml.example "Not in gzip format" message was not being printed

In this repository:

This is a lightly-hacked version of the Drive Upload tool that Elastichosts supply as an example of the API. It adds a -s flag that allows upload of shared images, and attempts (not entirely successfully) to detect when the -z flag is misbehaving.


A work-in-progress Ruby drive upload script. The salient difference between this and the standard upload tool is in the way it gzips in transit: elastichosts-upload gzips each chunk and the server uncompresses and writes it before preparing to receive the next chunk, but eh-upload.rb compresses the the entire image before sending it (in chunks) into a temporary drive image on the server, then uses more Elastichosts API calls to decompress that temporary image in situ. For images with lots and lots of zero in them, this is expected (by me, at least) to be faster

Installation and invocation

Prerequisites: Ruby, Gembundler

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec ruby eh-upload.rb --help
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