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a new_id with no interface is special-cased in scanner.c to become th…

…ree arguments on the wire. bodge a fix here to match it
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telent committed Mar 21, 2013
1 parent 5dd6a5e commit e0b94aede0959adbe51a7f4ace863492b8db6033
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  1. +18 −2 src/psadan/protocol.clj
@@ -1,11 +1,27 @@
;;;; parse the wayland wire protocol from wayland.xml

(ns psadan.protocol
(:require [clojure.xml]
[ :as dz]
[ :as x]
[ :as z]))

;;; parse the wayland wire protocol from wayland.xml
(defn extra-args-for-new-ids [[arg & args]]
;; if any arg is declared in the XML as having a new_id arg with null
;; interface, that *actually* means it takes three args, those being
;; string interface_name, uint version, and the new_id itself
(when arg
(if (and (= (:type arg) :new_id)
(nil? (:interface arg)))
(let [version {:name (str (:name arg) "/version") :type :uint}
name {:name (str (:name arg) "/interface") :type :string}]
(conj (conj (extra-args-for-new-ids args)
(conj (extra-args-for-new-ids args) arg))))

(defn parse-message [i m]
(let [el (z/node m)
@@ -20,7 +36,7 @@
{:index i
:name (keyword (:name (:attrs el)))
:summary (and descr (:summary (:attrs (z/node descr))))
:args args
:args (extra-args-for-new-ids args)

(defn parse-enum [e]

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