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I accidentally the whole puppet

Puppet manifests to install everything I want on my notebook (called noetbook) and shell machine (called loaclhost). In toto this is probably more use to me than to anyone else on the planet, but if you are looking for a grab-bag of low-ceremony puppet snippets to do things like

  • have a Samsung Series 9 running Debian
  • or a desktop box based on an Asus P5Q-EM mobo
  • use xfce4 and sawfish as an X desktop
  • like to build your own emacs
  • write Clojure
  • have the username 'dan'

then you might find it useful. If you do some but not all those things you might find some but not all of it useful


These steps are approximate and not regularly tested.

For notebook: I install debian interactively, deselecting all the task groups to get a minimal system. Then I logged in as root.

For loaclhost, I installed from an existing debian system

  • mkfs and mount the new machine's disk under /newroot
  • run debootstrap : sudo debootstrap --include=git,puppet,ssh --variant=minbase jessie /newroot http://localhost:3142/
  • chroot /newroot /bin/bash

For both systems, I then did

  1. apt-get install git puppet ssh ca-certificates
  2. cd /etc && mv puppet oldpuppet && git clone puppet
  3. sudo make -C /etc/puppet/