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Showoff-style Markdown->HTML presentation software, in Clojure(script). It generates a static HTML file which you can host anywhere, and uses client-side Javascript and CSS for navigation and page flipping transitions.

The name is from Wikipedia-assisted word association starting with "Powerpoint":

"Schuko" /ˈʃuːkoʊ/ is the colloquial name for a system of AC power plugs and sockets that is defined as "CEE 7/4".

Early days yet: prepare to be unimpressed.


$ lein deps
$ lein compile
$ lein uberjar
$ java -jar target/schuko-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar output.html

where, as you may guess from the names, the first argument is a Markdown-formatted input file and the second is the HTML file you want it to generate. Each top-level heading in the Markdown introduces a new slide.

The output file will have all the necessary JS and CSS embedded within it. Open it in a web browser. In Unix tradition, the Space bar will go to the next slide and the Backspace key will take you to the previous slide


  • CLJS cleanup - it's currently very imperative
  • more transition effects
  • some syntax in the input file for choosing the transition effect
  • user-specified styles
  • less ugly default styles
  • test on some different browsers


Copyright © 2013 Daniel Barlow

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.