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The ActiveAccess mixin makes it easy to limit access to ActiveModel and ActiveRecord attributes by declaring generated attribute accessor methods private.

Mixing the ActiveAcess::AttributeMethods into a class that mixes in ActiveModel::AttributeMethods or is derived from ActiveRecord::Base adds the attr_private and attr_private_writer macros.

These macros change the behavior of define_attribute_methods to declare generated attribute accessors private: attr_private declares all accessors for an attribute private; attr_private_writer declares only writer methods private.

ActiveAccess recognizes the following attribute reader method name patterns:


ActiveAccess recognizes the following attribute writer method name patterns:



class Widget < ActiveRecord::Base

  include ActiveAccess::AttributeMethods

  attr_private_writer :read_me

  attr_private :secret

end :read_me  # => true = "new value" # raises NoMethodError :secret   # => false = "new value"  # raises NoMethodError


ActiveAccess only restricts access to named attribute accessors. Unnamed accessors such as ActiveRecord read_attribute and write_attribute as well as hash-style access are not restricted. Attribute aliases are also unrestricted.

ActiveRecord does not allow attributes with private writers to be initialized (i.e. passed as parameters to new) or mass-assigned (passed as parameters to assign_attributes or attributes=).


Copyright © 2012 Riley Lynch, Teleological Software, LLC. See LICENSE.txt for further details.