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Template files for starting a new web project. This includes a basic styled web page (HTML/CSS/JS), empty python server template, and SQLITE3 initialised functions.py. This is mostly in an attempt to automate my work flow a little.

File Structure

  • index.html Work in progress placeholder page with linked CSS and JS.
  • assets A folder of more folders.
    • css Folder for all cascading style sheets.
      • style.css Styled to work with JS and HTML.
    • imgs Folder to store all images. It currently has one surprise image in it so git will track it.
    • js Folder for front-end javascript stuff.
      • script.js Temporary JS to show a terminal-esque typer for HTML.
    • node-server Folder with boilerplate nodejs server.
    • python-server Folder with boilerplate python server.
      • server.py Empty python server template. Does not include overwritten REST methods, but does have CORS support, 404 handling, endpoints path checker, and the ability to serve forever.
      • functions.py Empty SQLITE3 database template. Overwrites row_factory with dict_factory and connects to database (which does not exist in these templates).


  • ??? a computer

How to use me

  • please be gentle.

To Do

  • Node server boilerplate
  • Finish writing the README