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A script containing serveral modules designed to help you set up your server as you want it.
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>> NOTES <<
Run on a freshly installed server under root!
No warranty. For help come on #frantech on and look for maxexcloo!

This script contains several modules designed to help you set up your server how you want it.
Simply run the below download command then run "bash help" or "bash modules" to see help or modules respectively.

Operating Systems:
 + Debian 6 (Squeeze) i686
 + Debian 6 (Squeeze) x86_64
 + Scientific Linux (6.x) i686 (WIP)
 + Scientific Linux (6.x) x86_64 (WIP)
 + Physical Hardware
 + KVM
 + OpenVZ
 + VirtualBox
 + VMWare
 + Xen

Clean: Logging (QC Pass)
Clean: Packages (QC Pass)
Configure: General (QC Pass)
Configure: SSH (QC Pass)
Configure: Upgrade (QC Pass)
Configure: User (QC Pass)
HTTP Configure: MySQL Database Server (QC Pass)
HTTP Configure: nginx Web Server (QC Pass)
HTTP Install: Common Functions (QC Pass)
HTTP Install: Exim Mailserver (QC Pass)
HTTP Install: Extra Packages (QC Pass)
HTTP Install: MySQL Database Server (QC Pass)
HTTP Install: nginx Web Server (QC Pass)
HTTP Install: PHP Application Server (QC Pass)
Install: Dropbear SSH Server (QC Pass)
Install: Extra Packages (QC Pass)
Install: Extra Repositories (QC Pass)
Install: OpenSSH Server (QC Pass)
Manage: Add Host (QC Pass)
Manage: Add User (QC Pass)
Manage: Manage Host (QC Pass)
Manage: Manage User (QC Pass)
Manage: Remove Host (QC Pass)
Manage: Remove Host (System) (QC Pass)

> Download <
cd ~; rm -rf *Minstall* mini.tgz; wget --no-check-certificate -O mini.tgz; tar zxvf mini.tgz; cd *Minstall*

> Clean Install <
bash install-extra-repositories
bash clean-packages
bash configure-upgrade
bash install-ssh
bash install-extra-packages
bash clean-logging

> Configuration <
bash configure-general
bash configure-ssh
bash configure-user
bash manage-add-user

> HTTP <
bash http-install-exim
bash http-install-mysql
bash http-install-nginx
bash http-install-php
bash http-install-extra
bash http-configure-mysql
bash http-configure-nginx
bash manage-remove-host-system
bash manage-add-host

> Delete Download <
cd ~; rm -rf *Minstall* mini.tgz
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