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The closest thing to Nginx .htaccess
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Nginx Watch


Tired of constantly changing sessions/tabs to edit your server config while developing on Nginx? Nginx Watch to the rescue!

Nginx Watch enables you to save Nginx config (hosts) files within your projects/web directory, allowing for portability and a more efficient work flow... Not to mention the auto-reload feature.

The closest thing to Nginx .htaccess


  • Minimal with attention to performance
  • Watch configured directory (web root) for Nginx config files
  • Automatically updates the Nginx 'include' list
  • Auto-reload Nginx when a config file has changed
  • If an error occurs, the specified user will be alerted via an active session



Coming soon...

To do

  • Details section
  • Daemonzie and/or launch in unison with Nginx (through init.d)
  • Log to file
  • Performance Benchmarks


Code is licensed under MIT Public License

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