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Teleport Cities Autocomplete

An autocomplete widget for entering city names based on Teleport APIs.

The widget is a modified public preview version of the autocomplete widgets used in Teleport products, e.g. Flock and Sundial. It's still under active development. Eventually we would like to replace the autocomplete widgets of our products with this one.


  • Find city by city name or alternate name
  • Find city by administrative division and/or country
  • Initially populate the field using the browsers Geolocation API if available


new TeleportAutocomplete(options)

The constructor function. It takes an options hash as its only argument.

new TeleportAutocomplete({ el: '.my-input', maxItems: 5 });

TeleportAutocomplete.init(selector:string|elem:HTMLInputElement, [options])

Shorthand initializer for constructor. Returns an autocomplete instance.

TeleportAutocomplete.init('.my-input').on('change', function(value) { console.log(value); });


Destroys autocomplete instance, removing the wrapper and events from the input element.


Clears selected autocomplete value.


When initializing a TeleportAutocomplete component, you can set following parameters:

  • el – Selector string or HTMLInputElement to wrap around. Required.
  • maxItems (default: 10) - Maximum number of items to display in dropdown.
  • geoLocate (default: true) - If true, enables dropdown item to geolocate current location. When set to nopick, the geolocated value is not automatically picked.
  • embed (default: 'city:country,city:admin1_division,city:timezone/tz:offsets-now,city:urban_area') - Override set of resources embedded intro response. Defaults to adding country, administrative level, timezone and urban area info to response.
  • itemTemplate - Function which gets called with result item as first argument. Can be used for customizing list output. Default: function renderItem(item) { return this.wrapMatches(item.title); };. wrapMatches is a helper function, which wraps query string matches of title between <span> tags.


  • change – Fired when autocomplete value object is changed. The event handler will be invoked with value argument.
  • querychange – Fired when autocomplete query value is changed. The event handler will be invoked with query argument.

Live Demo

A live demo of the widget is available at the Teleport developer site.


Build and Development Server

Using a working node.js/npm installation:

  • Install dependencies

    npm install
  • (optional) Install gulp.js globally

    npm install -g gulp
  • Build and run development server


    Or with global gulp installation:



Copyright (c) 2015 Teleport, Inc.

Licensed under the MIT License.