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Static Country Reverse Geocoding

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NodeJS module to reverse geocoding of countries.


npm install country-reverse-geocoding

How it works

The only method of this module is get_country:

get_country(lat, lng)

Where lat and lng are the latitude and longitude of the point to be reverse-geocoded. get_country returns:

  • an Error if something went wrong
  • null if the point is not in any country
  • an object with two attributes: code, the country code, and name, the English name of this country
var crg = require('country-reverse-geocoding').country_reverse_geocoding();

var country = crg.get_country(47.3, 0.7);

console.log(; // France


Install jasmine-node:

npm install jasmine-node -g

Then run

jasmine-node spec/

More information

The GeoJSON specification: The GeoJSON file used in this module comes from


Distributed under the MIT License.

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