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teleportHQ's User Interface Definition Language (UIDL) and libraries demoed through our official blog
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Official blog.

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Our blog is built with teleportHQ's User Interface Definition Language (UIDL) and libraries. In this technology demo, we're generating Next.js code.

Getting started

git clone
cd blog
npm i
npm run build
npm run dev

NOTE: our blog is an app which is mounted on thanks to the awesome Now platform. Therefore, locally only urls built after /blog will be working.


The purpose of this repo is to demonstrate how a teleport project (plain JavaScript object or JSON file respecting teleportHQ's UIDL) can be transformed in real-time in a chosen target code.

Project Structure

  • src/index.ts: main file in which we're building a teleport project definition, generating the code, and saving the files to disk, in the dist folder
  • src/data/target.ts: a configuration object (common to) and injected in all pages
  • src/data: list of all the project elements, components and pages, wrapped into functions

How it works

When you run npm run dev we chain 2 operations:

  • on every file change in src folder, we transpile in memory and run all our TypeScript code width ts-node. At this stage, all the code of our Next.js project is generated in the dist folder
  • then we run npm run dev in dist folder. This will start Next.js default server and you can see your project on http://localhost:3000

Teleport Project Definition

At every change, you can see the resulting teleport project definition file here: http://localhost:3000/static/blog/teleport.json

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