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A camera application for Chrome OS
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Chrome Cam Application

A Chrome OS Camera Application

Running The Application

In order to run this application, you will need the latest build of Chrome Canary.

Install the App Launcher

Navigate to


Check Developer Mode

Click Load Unpacked Extension

Select the build folder that is created when you build the application

Launch the application with the App Launcher

Building The Application

The project is structured in two distinct areas. The "src" directory holds all of the source code. The "extension" directory holds all of the compiled code that runs in the extension. Except for the background.js file and the manifest, you are largely expected to develop in the "src" folder.

Install Node

Install Node & NPM

Install Necessary Node Modules

Install the CoffeeScript transpiler (Global)

npm install -g coffee-script

Install RequireJS for building the src/app directory (Global)

npm install -g requirejs

Install Jake for automated builds (Global)

npm install -g jake

Building With RequireJS

The application is modular and must be built with RequireJS optimizier in order to update the application in the extension. The code will not work inside of the extension if it is not built first. CSP in the extension will block the use of any external HTML files which will include all templates.

From the same directory as the file, run the following command


This will build the files and copy them to the correct location in the extension directory.


It is not necessary to build for the sake of debugging. You can open up the index.html file in the src/app folder directly and develop against it. When you are happy with your changes and want to see them in the extension, you will have to build.

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