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Sample applications demonstrating usages of Progress® Telerik® FiddlerCore Embedded Engine.
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Sample apps for Progress® Telerik® FiddlerCore Embedded Engine

FiddlerCore is a cross-platform .NET library by Progress Telerik which allows capture and modification of HTTP/HTTPS traffic. Some of the most popular applications using FiddlerCore are Telerik Fiddler (.NET Framework-based and running on Windows) and Fiddler Everywhere (.NET Core-based and running on Windows, Mac, and Linux).

This repository contains sample applications demonstrating possible usages of the FiddlerCore API.

Demos description

Currently the following demo is provided:

Capture traffic

The sample demonstrates the following concepts:

  • Generate and install unique certificate that will be used for decrypting HTTPS traffic.
  • Set proxy allowing to capture all traffic from the machine, and chaining to upstream proxy if needed. Reset the proxy on exit.
  • Capture HTTP/S sessions and preserve them in a list.
  • Save the sessions in a SAZ (Session Archive Zip) file, a standard archive file which can be password-protected and, if needed, opened later with Fiddler.
  • Open a SAZ file and list session information.

Building a sample

Each demo is provided as a C# solution in two different flavors:

  • .NET Core-based application targeting .NET Core 2.1 and using FiddlerCore for .NET Standard 2 (netstandard2.0).
  • .NET Framework-based application targeting .NET Framework 4 and using FiddlerCore for .NET Framework 4 (net40).

To build the application, you would need the corresponding .NET Core SDK or .NET Framework SDK.

The APIs used are not so specific, so retargeting the sample applications, for example to .NET Core 3.0 or .NET Framework 4.8, is possible.

FiddlerCore-related NuGet packages are referenced from the Telerik NuGet server. When prompted for credentials during NuGet packages restore, use your Telerik account through you've obtained FiddlerCore.


Pull requests are welcome! Let's make these samples more understandable for everyone.

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