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A set of scripts for semantic-release that allow publishing of prerelease versions from branches.

This projects allows you to push prerelease package versions to NPM, hidden behind a dist-tag, and trigger deployments by fast-forwarding a release branch.


  • semantic-release 6.x+
  • git 2.13+ (used for tag parsing)

This project has been tested in Travis-CI and Jenkins builds.


  1. Install the node module through the following command:

    npm install --save-dev @progress/semantic-prerelease
  2. Describe the branches that will publish prerelease versions. In this example, commits in the develop branch pushes prerelease versions to the dev dist-tag. Use fallbackTags to bootstrap the versions.

     // package.json
     "release": {
       "branchTags": {
         "develop": "dev"
       "fallbackTags": {
         "dev": "latest"
  3. Configure semantic-release to use the included plug-ins:

     // package.json
     "release": {
       "analyzeCommits": "@progress/semantic-prerelease/analyzeCommits",
       "generateNotes": "@progress/semantic-prerelease/generateNotes",
       "getLastRelease": "@progress/semantic-prerelease/getLastRelease",
       "verifyConditions": "@progress/semantic-prerelease/verifyConditions",
       "verifyRelease": "@progress/semantic-prerelease/verifyRelease"
  4. Use semantic-prerelease publish instead of npm publish in the end of your build. This publishes the prerelease versions behind dist-tags.

  5. (Optionally) Publish scoped packages as public by using semantic-prerelease publish --public

With the above setup, new official releases (bearing the latest dist-tag) can be published from master by fast-forwarding it to develop:

git checkout master && git merge --ff-only develop && git push

Your first official release will be published with version 0.1.0 to enable automatic releases during initial development. You must mark a commit as a major release to bump the major version to 1. This is different than vanilla semantic-release where your first release is 1.0.0