A demo app showcasing best practices outlined in the Kendo UI Mobile Guide
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whats-er-name - Kendo UI mobile web app

The whats-er-name app captures head-shots and names for the purpose of memorizing a group of peoples names (really, can be used to remember any image you to want group and name). I conjured up this application to help me memorize the names of each child on my son's football team. The applications functionality provides a UI to create a group, then enter a name and head shot (taken with camera or pull in a photo already taken) for each person in the group. The point of the application is to create a sideshow of named photos for memorizing faces and names.

This application was created using Kendo UI Mobile widgets and application tools. It is the example application used in the "Kendo UI Mobile Guide".

Prerequisites to run/build app

  • NodeJS & NPM (installed globally)
    • Bower (installed globally)
  • A browser. Its intended to run on mobile browsers but can run on any browser. Therefore you can immediately download this code, install all the dependencies, and run/build this application.

Install npm and bower dependencies

It's assume you have forked or downloaded this repository and will run the following commands in the terminal from the directory you downloaded

$ sudo npm install


$ bower install

Build, server, and watch development code

To build, serve, and watch src changes during development run the following gulp task:

$ gulp dev

This task will start a server, open a browser, and serve the app at localhost:3027 (from wwwDev directory) and reload upon any changes made in src directory (i.e. watching for changes so application can be rebuilt and reloaded in browser). The gulp dev build process is ran during development to manage tasks required to build the application. You can kill the server & watching using Ctrl + C.

Run gulp dev at least once before you run the gulp prod.

Build & serve production code

To build, test, and server production code run the following gulp task:

$ gulp prod

This task will take files from wwwDev directory and produce a production ready version of the application saved in the wwwProd directory. This command also will spin up a server, open a browser, and serve the production ready files at http://localhost:3028. This command must be manually re-run, it's not being watched for changes in the src files. You can kill the server using Ctrl + C.

Do a build only after you have run gulp dev at least once and the wwwProd directory has been created.