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Python utilities to parse and generate LX200 commands
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Utilities to generate and parse LX200 protocol messages


Under a virtualenv do:

    pip install -e .

in order to fetch all the dependencies and install it.

Usage examples

While we produce a better documentation the files under /lx200/examples are a good guide.

Simple parsing:


    cat file_with_lx200_commands.txt | python -m lx200.examples.parse

to test the command parser.

TCP Scope server:


    python -m lx200.examples.tcpserver

to start a tcp server that speaks LX200 on port 7634. The internal scope state can be accessed on port 8081

The full set of options is:

$ python -m lx200.examples.tcpserver --help
usage: lx200.examples.tcpserver [-h] [--verbose] [--port PORT]
                                [--web-port WEB_PORT] [--host HOST]

Simulates an LX200 compatible telescope with tcp connection

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --port PORT          TCP port for the LX200 server (7634)
  --web-port WEB_PORT  TCP port for the status server (8081)
  --host HOST          Host for all the servers (
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