Strongly typed GraphQL client for .NET
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Strongly typed client for GraphQL in .NET

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This project is currently work in progress and contains only very basic functionality. Usage in production is discouraged unless you know what you're doing.

A typesafe way how to request data from GraphQL API.

First, you generate a model

You can get this Visual Studio extension which automatically generates a cs file out of graphql schema file.

For example this IDL

type Query {
	a: Int
	b(x: Int!): Int!

will be translated into

namespace Schema
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using Telia.GraphQL.Client.Attributes;

    public class Query
        public Int32? A

        public Int32 B(Int32 x)
            throw new InvalidOperationException();

Create a client based on your schema

This part will be eventually automated with schema generation

public class MyClient : GraphQLCLient<Query>
    public Client(string endpoint) : base(endpoint)

Then request your data using the generated model

Create requests towards your GraphQL API while keeping full intellisense over the schema.

For example:

var client = new MyClient("<your_endpoint>");

var data = client.Query(e => new
    a = e.A,
    b = e.B(12)