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ACM Certificate Module

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Use this module for creating and validating an ACM certificate. Bear in mind that the validation does not represent a real-world entity in AWS, therefore changing or deleting it on its own has no immediate effect.



For use in an automated pipeline consider setting the wait_for_validation variable to false. If this is not set this module will cause terraform to wait until validation is complete or error after a 45 minute timeout.

Usage and gotchas

Due to the fact that both the wildcard certificate for a domain/subdomain (e.g * and a site certificate (e.g requests use the same DNS valididation record it is important to request both at the same time if you need both. In this case set the optional create_wildcard parameter to "true"

Do not request a certificate that includes a wildcard and select create_wildcard = "true" in the same request

Wildcard at the top of your domain/subdomain

To serve a site at the top of your domain (e.g. you will need to request a certificate with the same name as hosted zone. You may also want to read here for how to set the DNS record -


Currently maintained by these contributors.


MIT License. See LICENSE for full details.