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This terraform module creates a standalone instance of Sonarqube that is preconfigured to use Github oauth.

The module does the following:

  • Deploys Sonarqube in its own VPC with a postgres database
  • Configures Github oauth
  • Creates a new admin user
  • Removes the default admin user


This module assumes that the AWS account this is deployed to has a Route53 zone set up so that this can be launched behind SSL

Quick start

To get a working Sonarqube installation up and running complete the following steps

  1. copy the default example including the init folder
  2. run terraform apply in the init folder and record the arn output.
  3. in the file: replace the value for parameters_key_arn with the value returned in the previous step replace the value for route53_zone with the name of your route53 hosted zone
  4. create the following ssm parameters in your AWS account and encrypt them using the key create above.
ssm parameter name description of value
/<name_prefix>/github-auth-enabled set to true
/<name_prefix>/github-client-id obtained from github
/<name_prefix>/github-client-secret obtained from github
/<name_prefix>/github-organizations github organisation for ouath
/<name_prefix>/admin-username may only contain url safe chars
/<name_prefix>/admin-password may only contain url safe chars
  1. run terraform apply