Terraform modules that have not been published to the registry.
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Terraform modules

Build Status

A collection of terraform modules that have not been published to the registry for one of the following reasons:

  • When in doubt we don't publish.
  • The module uses features that need to stabilize in the Terraform AWS provider.
  • The module is not considered useful/generic enough to be published.


To use a module, simply reference this repository as the source use //<path> to the subdirectory of a module:

module "something" {
  source = "github.com/telia-oss/terraform-modules//something"

Because the repsitory and all modules are subject to changes, you'll want to reference a release in the source:

module "something" {
  source = "github.com/TeliaSoneraNorge/divx-terraform-modules//bastion?ref=2018.06.27.1"


Contributions are welcome. Some guidelines that should be followed when authoring modules:

  • Include a README.md that explains what the module does.
  • Use the standard module structure.
  • All modules should take a name_prefix variable if resources can be named.
  • All modules should take a tags variable if the resources can be tagged.
  • Modules should not export variables or outputs that are never used.
  • All variables and outputs should have a description (The description from the official docs will do in most cases).
  • Modules should include a runnable example under examples/default.
  • Be opinionated (don't expose variables that should never be tweaked etc.).