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vimplugin. scripts to reflesh your browser. works only MacOS
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vim plugin to reflesh your browser. this plugin works only MacOS.


osascript(AppleScript command)


wget -O browsereload-mac-vim.tar.gz
tar xvzf browsereload-mac-vim.tar.gz
mv tell-k-vim-browsereload-mac-* browsereload-mac-vim
cp -pr ./browsereload-mac-vim/plugin/browsereload-mac.vim ~/.vim/plugin/

see also


browser reload:

:ChromeReload      //reload "Google Chrome"
:FirefoxReload     //reload "Firefox"
:SafariReload      //reload "Safari"
:OperaReload       //reload "Opera"
:AllBrowserReload  //reload all browser

start auto reload:


stop auto reload:



after reload browser. forcus "Terminal" apps.

if you want to change fourcus application, change variables "g:returnApps" to your appliation.

"change this variables
let g:returnApp = "Terminal"

if you want to stop returnApp, change variables "g:returnAppFlag" to 0

"default is 1
let g:returnAppFlag = 1

if you want old style commad, write this setting in your .vimrc

command! -bar Cr silent ChromeReload
command! -bar Fr silent FirefoxReload
command! -bar Sr silent SafariReload
command! -bar Or silent OperaReload
command! -bar Ar silent AllBrowserReload
"auto reload start
command! -bar CrStart silent ChromeReloadStart
command! -bar FrStart silent FirefoxReloadStart
command! -bar SrStart silent SafariReloadStart
command! -bar OrStart silent OperaReloadStart
command! -bar ArStart silent AllBrowserReloadStart
"auto reload stop
command! -bar CrStop silent ChromeReloadStop
command! -bar FrStop silent FirefoxReloadStop
command! -bar SrStop silent SafariReloadStop
command! -bar OrStop silent OperaReloadStop
command! -bar ArStop silent AllBrowserReloadStop
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