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This repository has been archived by the owner on Oct 9, 2019. It is now read-only.
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✏️ Free Opensource Alternative to TypeForm or Google Forms ⛺


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TellForm 2.1.0

DEPRECATION WARNING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. There are many oudated and vulnerable dependencies within this project and I recommend that you use this code repository for internal testing and development only.

There were too many impassable hurdles to really continue forward at the pace that I was hoping with TellForm @leopere~ If you want to follow my progress on an alternative in the mean time check out or our Discord server. We managed to get the base Docker image fixed before forking the code so you can give this a try however not much has changed at the moment.

To Join the fork's community please follow this Discord button here.


Readme and Issues

The is still effectively in tact however it's all been commented out so that it's no longer visible on the main github repository page. You may visit it by navigating through the repositories files themselves.

No new or old issues will be tended to so the Issues Board has been closed. We don't recommend using this repositories codebase as its no longer maintained and is only intended for reference code. If you wish to use the fork which should remain backwards compatible feel free to explore or its GitHub repository at where the code base is started from TellForm we are planning on keeping it reverse compatible however the code is Sublicensed AGPL and is going to have a stable release prepared for the public hopefully but September 12th 2019. It should be a drop in replacement for TellForm which should expand on the vision of TellForm but hopefully bring it all up to date.


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