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Command an armada of processes in a cluster.

This module integrates with git using propagit, to make rolling out new code to a bunch of worker drones super simple!

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With npm do:

npm install -g fleet


In a fresh directory, start a fleet hub:

$ fleet hub --port=7000 --secret=beepboop

in another fresh directory start a drone:

$ fleet drone --hub=localhost:7000 --secret=beepboop

You can start as many drones as you want in fresh directories.

Now from a git repo, set a remote:

$ fleet remote add default --hub=localhost:7000 --secret=beepboop

Now deploy your code to all the drones:

$ fleet deploy

Deploying just checks out your commit to a fresh directory on every drone.

To run a process on the latest commit do:

$ fleet spawn -- node beep.js 8080

To see the process list across all your drones do:

$ fleet ps


Usage: fleet <command> [<args>]

The commands are:
  deploy   Push code to drones.
  drone    Connect to a hub as a worker.
  exec     Run commands on drones.
  hub      Create a hub for drones to connect.
  monitor  Show service events system-wide.
  ps       List the running processes on the drones.
  remote   Manage the set of remote hubs.
  spawn    Run services on drones.
  stop     Stop processes running on drones.

For help about a command, try `fleet help <command>`.