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Prerequisites: IPTV problem cases

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"nested" M3U:

This site, for example, publishes an M3U that links to other M3Us, which then in turn link to the actual streams.

For example, the "USA IPTV LINKS" m3u starts like this:


Telly's expecting that stream link to be a link to a stream that it can hand to Plex. However, that stream URL returns this:

/hlsr/[LONG STRING REDACTED]=/FOO/FOO/24674/c00ff244c9a8adefaa20f56ba9587dea/24674_5443.ts
/hlsr/[LONG STRING REDACTED]=/FOO/FOO/24674/b0214667c2c0d930ecbaf949f0d4022d/24674_5444.ts
/hlsr/[LONG STRING REDACTED]=/FOO/FOO/24674/6e83afafd01a4d51679d76b6a1f06211/24674_5445.ts
/hlsr/[LONG STRING REDACTED]=/FOO/FOO/24674/ebb1ada0faca462307e4ce59dce70425/24674_5446.ts
/hlsr/[LONG STRING REDACTED]=/FOO/FOO/24674/111f8f42b7ec024dadba3f03bfd2b991/24674_5447.ts
/hlsr/[LONG STRING REDACTED]=/FOO/FOO/24674/6b45940692e5cce95cb13b7e1da77bd4/24674_5448.ts

Which is obviously not a stream, but another m3u containing links to some streams. If you have ffmpeg enabled, the stream will play for a few minutes before stopping [since presumably ffmpeg doesn't know how to ask for the new links for the next few minutes, and if ffmpeg is disabled the stream will fail immediately since it's not a stream.

There are no current plans to support this sort of thing in telly.

Another site along the same lines.

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