A very basic password launcher for League of Legends.
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A very basic password launcher for League of Legends.
This is not the first iteration of the program, but is the first version considered to be feature complete and properly functional.


  • League of Legends Client V8.4-7121195.712250 (This is not a hard requirement, but any changes to the client UI may require changes to LoLPass, so it is only tested with the current LoL client)


Modify the example profile file (https://github.com/telmer6/LoLPass/blob/master/user.profile) to hold your username and password. Multiple profile files may be created for multiple accounts.
Modify the config.ini to point to where LoL is installed on your computer.


Run LoLPass. If more than one profile are present in the profile path, a selector will be shown allowing you to choose which profile to use. LoLPass will remember the last profile used. LoLPass will start LoL for you (if it isn't already open) and log in for you then exit.


  • Please note that this program is by no means secure, as the password is stored plaintext in the profile. You should take effort to ensure that only your user account can access the file (note that administrators will still be able to read it). This software is provided under the GNU GPL 3 with the hope that it will be useful, and no warranty or guarantee of its function or fitness for use is provided or implied.
  • This software is NOT supported/endorsed/etc. by Riot Games, of whom League of Legends is a registered trademark. I, Timothy Elmer, am NOT responsible for any action taken by Riot Games against any persons or groups using this software.