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A full day of DreamStack workshops and talks
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Collaborative Etiquette Blockmatic Standard MIT Follow on Twitter Chat on Telegram

TELOS DreamStack Day

An intire day of talks and workshops. coming soon ...

Similar to NodeSchool Day


Best in class C++ EOSIO protocol technology providing fast, scalable and eco-freindly blockchain augmented by a growing library of Telos services and innovations. Free accounts, work proposals, dapp grants, decentralized exchange, dstor, bancor protocol, telos community and foundation.

TELOS DreamStack

This repository is part of the TELOS DreamStack Project which provides set of guidelines, tools and starters to speed up dApp development following best practices for security, performance and maintainability of your application.

The code style convention aims to maximize reusability and facilitate collaboration. We have chosen the stack carefully so that it allows us to write robust and performant applications with more concise and readable code.


Blockmatic is building robust ecosystem of people and tools for development of decentralized applications.

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