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QRcode Plugin

Whenever a specific QR code is displayed in the Gstreamer video pipeline in Galicaster it can be used to pause the recording. no video or audio is written to file during this time. This allows a novel method to do on-the-fly live editing of captured video and audio. This also removes the need for editing software or editing skills. the only requirement is to include an agreed QR code image into the slides or to be displayed on camera.

Things to note

QR codes have up to 30% error correction redundancy, for real world application its worth considering a high-redundnacy QR code image being used with this plugin. http://blog.qrstuff.com/2011/12/14/qr-code-error-correction

Use of this plugin is optimised with mono-stream video of the slides. using a camera or FMV may have an impact on recording performance (hardware dependant). Its worth looking at the QRcode config options rescale, drop_frames and buffers to help tune performance.

Using this plugin to do the editing on the Opencast server was planned but not implemented therefore the options mp_add_edits and mp_add_smil are best left as False


To activate the plugin, add the line in the plugins section of your configuration file

qrcode = True

True: Enables plugin. False: Disables plugin.

And set the recording pipeline pause type

pausetype = recording

recording: GST pipeline keeps running, nothing recorded when paused.

QR code example:



Plugin Options

pause_mode = hold
hold_code = pause
stop_code = stop
start_code = start
rescale = 640x360
mp_add_edits = False
mp_force_trimhold = False
mp_add_smil = False
drop_frames = True
buffers = 200
hold_timeout = 1
ignore_track_name =
Option Type Parameter Description
pause_mode string hold, start_stop Specifies the pause behaviour, either pause while a QR code is displayed automatically restarting or pause and start again on two separate QR code
hold_code string any This will match the displayed QR code and pause the recording until the QR code is removed
stop_code string any This will match the displayed QR code and will pause a recording indefinitely
start_code string any This will match the displayed QR code and will start a paused recording
rescale string widthxheight Rescales the input frames for analysis. a lower resolution helps ease processing load
mp_add_edits boolean True, False Add edit times into the mediapackage for possible further processing in Opencast (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
mp_force_trimhold boolean True, False Force the mediapackge with the QR code editing recording to use a trimHold workflow in Opencast
mp_add_smil boolean True, False Add smil file into the mediapackage to be used for possible further processing in Opencast (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
drop_frames boolean True, False Drop frames from the pipeline buffer in the Gstreamer pipeline. useful when processing FMV so the pipeline doesnt slow down with QRcode
buffers integer 200 Setting the 'max-size-buffers' value for the gstreamer pipeline. useful to configure so pipeline doesnt slow down with QRcode
hold_timeout integer time: seconds The period of time to wait after the 'hold_code' is removed before resuming recording in the pipeline.
ignore_track_name string list: camera,capture1.. This will turn off QRcode scanning of the track name that matches in this list.