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Accessibility Guide

Dev accessibility at a glance:

  • Automated testing
  • Keyboard accessibility
  • Focus management
  • Label UI elements
  • Best practices: semantic markup, enhance with ARIA

Automated testing with aXe

aXe is an accessibility testing engine. In its simplest form it can be used straight into your browser (as Chrome & Firefox plugins) and integrates with the native dev tools.

Keyboard accessibility

  • Keyboard focus: ensure you can TAB through all interactive elements (links, buttons, form fields, navigation menus, dropdowns, pop-ups etc.); watch out for elements that you can’t TAB to and keyboard traps.
  • Keyboard focus outline: ensure you can see where you are at all times when you TAB through interactive elements; watch out for elements that don’t have focus outline and hidden elements.
    Note: some browsers have their own focus outline (e.g. Chrome’s blue border) - that’s not sufficient. We need to roll our own focus outlines.
  • Keyboard functionality: ensure you can interact with all focusable elements by keyboard (not just mouse / hover).

Focus management

  • Interactive elements (menus, expanding sections, etc.) need to have a keyboard model as well, not just a mouse / hover model.

  • Keyboard focus should never reset to the top of the page or “get lost” on the page during interactions.

  • General rule: when triggering an action (expanding sections, opening modal menus, etc.) the focus moves from the triggering element to the action; and reversely when the action is completed (collapsing UI, closing a dialog, etc.) the focus moves to the triggering element

Label UI elements

Links & buttons have text (<a></a> = no bueno), form fields have labels <label for="field_id"> or a title attribute (if <label> doesn't make sense in your UI), images have alt text, etc.

Use semantic mark-up

No <div> soup for us please. Use HTML elements for their semantic meaning - headings, lists, paragraphs, etc.

Enhance with ARIA

Use ARIA landmarks to complement the main HTML sections: see image.