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Our build pipelines use npm audit to test for CVEs (common vulnerabilities and exposures). Therefore we are not be able to deploy new builds with known bugs. However, CVEs can occur to existing, deployed production applications as well. We need a dashboard to visualize all of the CVEs in our running applications, so that they can be mitigated as soon as possible.

The web is a dangerous place and our sites face attacks constantly. We must monitor attacks across hundreds of applications, holistically. In addtion, we need a security methodology that can discover vulnerabilities early without blocking developers or delaying production release due to long security scanning.


Contrast Assess runs static and dynamic analysis alongside your test suite to check for possible software vulnerabilities in your application and its dependencies, while in development and QA environments. This is known as Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST). This enables developers to find vulnerabilities early in the development phase and throughout, preventing the need for dynamic security scanning at the end of the project.

Contrast Protect intercepts attacks before they hit production. Protect will monitor HTTP requests and responses and block any malicious payload identified. This is known as Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP).


We host a private npm package that includes the Node.js agent for easy installation. Our Starter Kits ship with Contrast Assess enabled by default. An agent runs on our Node.js applications, which instruments our code with Contrast defenses, and communicates with the Contrast APIs.

Setup documentation can be found here.

When your application is running locally, in pre-production or production, you can see your host live in the Contrast Dashboard. Issues can be converted into JIRA tickets, and notifications of attacks or vulnerabilities can be sent to slack.

Contrast Assess will identity vulnerabilities when E2E scripts or QA testing have commenced. Protect can be enabled via the Contrast dashboard.


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