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Dependency Management


  • Outdated libraries expose security risks, performance impacts, and business loss due to low adoption.
  • Continuously checking multiple dependencies for updates can be a large mental burden for developers.
  • Developers want to easily pick upgrades one at a time without breaking their applications.


Renovate Bot, a service that automatically notifies projects of updates to their dependencies with Pull Requests.


The only setup necessary to get started with Renovate is to create a config file called renovate.json with the following content:

  "extends": [

This config refers to a centralized TELUS Digital configuration for Renovate Bot. See the package.json file in that repository. Following the Renovate Config Docs, we have configured it to:

  • not pin specific Docker image digests in Dockerfiles,
  • run weekly every Sunday night,
  • rebase stale PRs,
  • not recreate an updated yarn.lock file every week separate from dependency updates,
  • preserve semantic version ranges,
  • make separate PRs for patch releases,
  • and use semantic commit messages.

What You Can Expect

Pull Requests will be made to your project with changes to package.json, and yarn.lock. The PR body will describe the proposed version number, have a link to the module's webpage, and changelogs/release notes corresponding to the updates between the current version and proposed version.

Managing Updates

Renovate Bot, by default, will look for updates for all dependencies in your package.json file. After a PR has been made for a particular dependency, you can tell Renovate that you don't want any more updates for that package by closing the PR.

Renovate Bot uses the names of open and closed PRs to remember your update preferences.

If you leave the PR open and unmerged, the bot will also leave the dependency alone and not give you new updates. If you change your mind about a package, simply rename the closed PR and Renovate will reopen a new one in its next update cycle.