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Git & GitHub


GitHub's remote repository hosting enables code collaboration for any number of participants worldwide, asynchronously, and across all time zones. It was chosen as TELUS digital's remote repository hosting service due to its high uptime rate, quick ssh and http response times, and helpful tools.


The vast majority of TELUS digital projects use Git as their version control system and GitHub for repository hosting. Git provides teams the convenience of easy release management and the flexibility to consolidate code in any fashion they like.


Here are some considerations when utilising Git with Github at TELUS:


In the TELUS digital GitHub organisation, it is required that all members enable 2-factor authentication. The preferred method of communicating with remote repositories is SSH; users must protect their private keys by storing them locally and never sharing them or storing them using any online method, especially email, Slack, or within code. Users may optionally sign commits and tags using GPG; it is an involved process, but proves with a high degree of certainty that every commit and release tag you produce is genuinely by you.


Team members utilising Git and contributing to project repositories can follow this guide on our contributing model. It includes details on writing commit messages, git workflows, and suggests tools that facilitate writing commit messages. It helps TELUS developers achieve:

  • More concise commit subjects
  • Parseable commit subjects for generating documentation or changelogs
  • Fuller details available in line-by-line annotations
  • Breaking changes and ticket references are also documented within code annotations