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URI Structure


TELUS digital does not fully control domain. currently resolves to an F5 load balancer appliance that is owned by BTO. The F5 acts as a reverse proxy and all of our routes are defined in the inbound proxies that TELUS digital maintains.

We've been routing various paths in our inbound proxies to our applications deployed on AWS / OpenShift without any guidelines and conventions.

The purpose of this document is to drive consistency for structuring our urls and describe how traffic gets routed to our applications on


Every HTTP URL conforms to the syntax of a generic URI.


This document will be concerned with [/locale][/path][?query] when routing from our TELUS inbound proxies to applications on AWS / OpenShift.


What belongs in [/locale][/path] portion of URI?


This diagram describes the routing for a request:

F5 routing diagram Source


The [/locale] segment describes what locale the content is intended for. The locale can contain the language and region. Language is mandatory, and region is optional. Example URLs:


The desired behaviour on the Reference Architecture is for applications to set the locale through the [/locale] URL segments. Do not use cookies to set the locale.

Historically, the [/locale] was set through cookies on the Java & PHP stack. The cookies would overwrite the locale that is provided through the URL.

Available Locales

All locales are currently supported by the F5 routing.

For the regions, the following URI segments are supported:

Region Region URI Segment
British Columbia bc
Alberta ab
Manitoba mb
New Brunswick nb
Newfoundland nl
Northwest Territories nt
Nova Scotia ns
Nunavut nu
Ontario on
Prince Edward Island pe
Quebec qc
Saskatchewan sk
Yukon yt

URL Pathname

The url path is the path to the resource on the Web server. In the early days of the Web, a path represented a physical file location on the Web server. Nowadays, it is mostly an abstraction handled by Web servers without any physical reality. In order to reflect user selection within our sites, it is recommended to update the url path programmatically. This method will improve support for Personalization and A/B testing.

eg. /mobility/phones/iphone-x/256/black

To above will indicate a selection of an Iphone X with 256gb in black.

Routing for

We first test such routes on and the configurations are maintained in the inbound.telus-gateway-staging-config repository.

Routing for

Once we have tested our routes on we can then update configurations for production. The configurations for production are maintained in the inbound.telus-gateway-production-config repository.

Selecting Specific Resources

  • eg. my-account/transactions/account/:ban/subscriber/:sub

What belongs in [?query] portion of URI?

  • Used once resources have been selected and we want to filter/sort them


Any teams deploying to

  • Home Marketing
  • Mobility Marketing
  • My Account
  • Business