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Archiving Repositories


As Products & Projects get deprecated and EOLed, the code-base used to build them should be safely archived for both compliance and future reference.


Our code is hosted on Github, and includes scope beyond the code itself, an archiving solution should enable a full backup and restore functionality.

This includes:

  • Git Data (Commit History, Branches, Tags, etc...)
  • Github Wikis
  • Github Issues
  • Github Releases
  • Github Projects
  • Github Pull Requests
  • Commit Metrics


We created a separate Github organization: telus-archive that will host all archived repositories, leveraging the "transfer ownership" feature in Github.

Once repo is transferred, the following actions need to be taken:

  • remove all collaborators and teams
  • remove all webhooks
  • remove all integrations and services
  • remove all deploy keys
  • ensure repo is made private
  • disable GitHub Pages (if enabled)