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Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD)


Continuous Delivery is closely related to Continuous Integration but they are often provided within the same tools, and while the topics are co-dependant, they do represent two separate paradigms.


Areas of concern:

Continuous Integration

  • Focuses on enabling a smooth developer experience
  • Coupled to Code Repositories
  • Functional testing (unit, quality, interaction, headless, etc ...)
  • Produces build artifacts
  • Promotes release candidates
  • Allows for flexibility of developer workflows (branch based, pull requests, etc ...)
  • Code Isolation (No Customer Data, or live databses)
  • Facilitates Quality measurements through integrations with other tools
  • Provides Dashboards for build status and visibility into build artifacts

Continuous Delivery

  • Focuses on protecting and gating infrastructure environments (e.g. production, staging)
  • Coupled to Infrastructure Design
  • Integration testing (knows about secrets, tokens, environments)
  • Load & Performance testing in the right infrastructure environment
  • Environment management and deployment configuration
  • Provides deployment strategies & rollbacks


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