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Project Template


  • Developers should be able to easily:
    • Understand a project's purpose and scope
    • Setup / Install dependancies
    • Run unit tests
    • Build / execute a development environment
    • Commit / Contribute back to it


This document defines a standard project template for Telus Digital that provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced start up time for each project
  • Clear expectations of what developers should expect from other projects
  • Examples of how to model your own project to be in alignment with best practices across Telus Digital

It covers:

  • Readme Template
  • Git Hooks
  • Commit Standards


GitHub Readme

Every project should have a readme that clearly expresses the following:

  • The purpose, scope and goals of the project
  • The author / current owners
  • Clear up to date instructions on:
    • Setup and installation
    • Running your app (if applicable)
    • Basic usage (API, Endpoints, etc)
    • List of bundled scripts, such as:
      • How to run tests
      • How to run linting
      • etc

The following is a basic example

# Project Title

## Why (Purpose)

> e.g. RESTful API to centralize reverse phone number lookup

## What (Technology)

### Requirements

> (node, express.js, psql, etc ...)

### Frameworks/Core 3rd Party Dependencies
> (react, redux, aws-sdk, etc)

### API Docs (if any)

> endpoints, response codes, etc ... 
> this can be broken down into a separate folder `/docs` or links to a swagger file / view

## How (Instructions)

### Installation
> setup and installation instructions

### Tests
> How do you run tests. These should pass after a developer has performed setup/installation properly

### Build/Run
> How do you build (if required) and run. Runtime flags, etc

### Scripts/Tools
> What other scripts are used for development? ie. linting, lint-fix, snyk, etc

## Who

> Outcome team name (link to Confluence Team Page)
> Project leads/maintainers (who somebody should ask if they want to get involved, are going to be making a PR, etc)

Git Hooks

Git hooks should not exist as a replacement for good practices, education or mentorship.

These are the guidelines for git-hooks:

  • commit-msg: standard
    • standardize commit messages
  • pre-push: standard
    • run linting and in-process tests before publishing to master branch
  • all others: non-standard
    • unless used to meet special project requirements (talk to your lead)